Tabby Cloud Sync Settings

With this plugin you could sync your settings and connections across your working devices. I made this plugin for the brilliant Tabby SSH application

What will the plugin do?

Please follow the installation steps below to set up the plugin. After the settings is set. Whenever you save your settings within the Tabby SSH, your changed settings will be automatically synced to the Cloud Services.

Next time if you reinstall the Tabby SSH, install the plugin again and sync down your Cloud Settings just in 10 seconds.

Happy working!

Currently, supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux

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Navigate to Tabby Plugins and put into search box the keyword sync 

Active the plugin then go to the Settings Sync menu panel from the left menu.


Here you could set the Cloud account you are gonna use for the plugin and sync the settings.

Fill the account information and the path you want to save to the cloud. After all, save it and you’re ready to go.

Supported Services

Currently, the plugin is supporting the following these type of connections:

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